Terms and Conditions

  1. PARTIES. The parties to this Agreement (as defined below) are Fernandosustaita.com, (“Fernando”) and the client (“Client” or “You”) accepting and agreeing to this Agreement through the ordering process for the Services (as defined below) on Fernando’s website (fernandosustaita.com) or any successor URL used by Fernando (the “Website”) or through such other ordering process (including without limitation, through a written invoice or by email) as may be instituted by Fernando. Please review this Agreement carefully, as it governs your purchases on the Website and constitutes a binding legal agreement between you and Fernando. By ordering the Services through the Website You signify your acceptance of this Agreement, as it may be amended from time to time, in Fernando’s sole discretion. All changes to this Agreement are effective when posted on the Website, provided that the Fees may not be amended or revised until the next applicable renewal Term.
  2. This Agreement is specifically for access to E-Com Mastermind and all terms and conditions stated on this agreement does not represent any other course or product sold on this website.
  3. By submitting payment to E-Com Mastermind, you will be automatically accepted and your first month payment will be debited as instructed by You as soon as payment gets processed you will be granted access.
  4. E-Com Mastermind has a seven (7) day No Questions Asked money back guarantee on all programs. For this reason no bonuses will be granted until after the 7 day grace period has elapsed.
  5. There is no time commitment and You can cancel your membership at any time. There is no need to inform Fernando or any member of his team, just follow the instructions in your account Profile. Keep in mind that as soon as you cancel your membership access to the members areas and Facebook group will be revoked.  You however can keep any bonuses you got while subscribing.
  6. With no Exception No refunds can be given on membership Fees.  Whether You paid for a Monthly or Yearly plan no prorated refund is to be granted.  We have a Money back guarantee period for this reason and all bonuses have been given.
  7. Changes to Membership Fees,  Fernando may change the membership Fee from time to time and increase the cost. Once you become a Member your Membership Fee will remain the same, Unless you decide to Upgrade or Downgrade your plan.  Current Members will never see a Price Increase on their membership Fees. However if you leave and decide to join again you will not be grandfathered to the Membership Fee you had last time you joined.  You are welcome to join again at the current rate.
  8. Force Majeure,  We understand sometimes life gets in the way and you have to take care of other more important things. If a Personal Situation arises where you need to Temporarily Freeze your account please contact Fernando.  Keep in Mind that while account Frozen you won’t have access to your account, once you regain access the time will resume.
  9. Payment, will be automatically withdrawn on the same day using the same payment form utilized while subscribing unless you paid for the Yearly plan then will be done yearly unless you decide to cancel before the due date.
  10. Not Sufficient funds, should there be an issue with your payment form and payment gets declined. We reserve the right to suspend your account access and all of the Membership Perks not limited to Calls and Masterclasses until all outstanding fees have been cleared.  Not having funds is not to be considered as a cancellation of services by Fernando and all monthly fees will continue to incur until balance is paid in full. Once balance is paid in full you can proceed to cancel the agreement if You so desire. Interest and Collection Fees occur if needed to recover the payment due.
  11. Affiliate Links, Fernando reserves the right to promote content from other services providers and get a commission for referrals.  The use of affiliate links when promoting such products and/or services are only to be used by Fernando or approved members of the Fernandosustaita.com team.  Members are not allowed to use any affiliate link unless have received written consent from Fernando to do so. If any member is to use an affiliate link while communicating to other members of E-Com Mastermind,  Rights to be part of the Membership Community will be revoked, the account will be terminated and no Refund will be due.
  12. Members at all times are to act with integrity, respect and avoid conflicts with other members of the Mastermind. Members are not to be inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions here stated.
  13. Discrimination, Hate speech of any kind, violent behavior or any form of derogatory behavior will be tolerated. If a member is considered to have broken this rule immediately access to this Mastermind will be revoked.  All content that is not aligned with this Clause will be removed.
  14. Political, Sexual or Religious talk is completely forbidden unless it is for the benefit of the conversation and as a monetization opportunity.  Nobody cares about your Political Inclinations, Your Religious beliefs or your abortion stand to name a few, E-Com Mastermind is about learning how to make money not to have debates.
  15. E-Com Mastermind consists of a wide selection of Courses, Video Trainings, PDF Guides and recordings.  You understand your membership only grants access to one person and for this reason you are not allowed to Download, Share, Transfer or Reproduce any of its content to any person not being part of E-Com Mastermind. Unless, you have Fernando’s Written consent.  This is not limited to any content related to FernandoSustaita.Com, E-Com Mastermind, or The E-Com Mastermind Facebook and Discord Groups but to any form or document E-Mailed to You as well.
  16. Your User Name and Password are for your personal access, do not share them with anyone.  You are responsible for every access to E-Com Mastermind or any use of information inside our Membership Site, Facebook Groups or any other form utilized by Fernando.  Use of your User Name and Password is evidence you have access the Membership Area. If we determine it is being used by a third party other than yourself your subscription will be revoked.
  17. If a member is found to be negligible of any of the terms and conditions and membership rules, he/she agrees to keep us indemnified of all losses, expenses, damages and costs incurred by us in respect of any misleading statements, and/or acts, and/or omissions that may be carried by him/her against us.
  18. If a member does not get the desired results as part of the membership, he/she agrees to not pursue any legal action against Fernando or any other member of E-Com Mastermind. We cannot be held responsible for whether members choose to implement our teachings and advice, and for whether they implement them in the right way.
  19. Confidentiality,  Fernando Agrees to keep all members information confidential as stated on the Privacy Policy. Reciprocally, all members agree to keep any and all Confidential information obtained by any of the members or Fernando Confidential. “Confidential Information” is in relation to any information concerning their business, finances or personal Affairs of other members not in the public domain.  This Clause Shall survive termination of the Contract.
  20. This agreement will begin to take effect immediately after payment gets submitted and approved and unless stated on each specifically clause will end the day the cancellation or termination of services occur.
  21. The Terms and Conditions and The Privacy Policy of this website shall constitute the entire agreement between the Parties.
  22. This agreement supersedes any previous oral or written agreement relating to E-Com Mastermind.
  23. This Contract is written under the Laws of Texas, USA in Harris County.  Any legal action Must be Performed under Texas law and in a Texas Court in the Harris County
  24. If any provision, in whole or in part, of this Agreement is held illegal or invalid by any court or administrative agency of appropriate jurisdiction, such provision or appropriate portion thereof will be deemed severable and the illegality or invalidity of such provision or portion thereof will not effect any of the remaining portions of this Agreement.
  25. We reserve the right to alter our terms and conditions with any further notice and is your responsibility as a member of E-Com Mastermind to stay up to date of any changes. By Being a member you are bound to the terms and conditions of this document.
    In the case of a dispute, you need to submit a complaint in writing to info@fernandosustaita.com

Last updated on October 8, 2019.