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Fernando's brand is bold, honest, fun and focused on listening.

He listens to his audience, to his industry, and occasionally even to his wife. He believes entrepreneurs just don’t listen enough and that’s why so many of them end up disappointed and without a stable business.

Topics Fernando speaks on:

  • The unconventional way of starting your own business
  • The ultimate way to build a brand with Print on Demand (private labels)
  • No Internet allowed: how to make selling door to door POD products a full-time business
  • Using Etsy the smart way
  • The thrifter’s guide to finding the right products to sell on Ebay and Amazon

…and here are some topics where he dives deeper than a beaked whale (Seriously – Google it!).

  • Retail Arbitrage (Finding products to sell on retail stores)
  • Online Arbitrage (Finding products to sell online)
  • Merch by Amazon
  • Amazon Custom
  • Launching and scaling a Shopify Store

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