"We're going to have to let you go."

I remember the words coming out of my boss’ mouth almost as vividly as if it happened yesterday.

It wasn’t really a tragedy though – and, believe me, this isn’t a sob story. I knew I’d get laid off. In fact, I’d predicted that my department would have to be disbanded months ago, when they gave me a promotion.

They laughed it off back then. I would have laughed it off when I got fired, except it happened sooner than I thought.

This is a story of how a Mexican guy from the states became continuously bored after making the companies he worked for billions of dollars… and how he found something he never thought he’d love doing.

I believe the most important skill any person can have is the ability to listen. It’s that prowess that can bring upon you things like a happy marriage, a great job, a good family life… or, if you’re anything like me – a successful business.

When I was 18, I was obsessed with learning how to be more persuasive – and guess what? A big part of that is listening to the people you’re trying to persuade. Still a teenager, I had already opened a branch of my father’s business in the USA and was running it as if I had decades of experience.
Even though my dad had a successful business, we were far from wealthy.
Imagine a typical middle class family living in Texas – that was us

When I came on board though, I had a different perspective. I was always the innovative one, the ambitious one – the guy who persevered no matter what. When I became the president of my father’s business in the states, I got it to $3 million per year – because I listened to the market.

Then came the fancy cars and all the other expensive things that today I see as not just unnecessary, but also useless. I don’t blame myself too much – most people in their early 20s who make millions would probably go down that path.

Once the business went under – partly because of the old-fashioned way my dad insisted on running it in, partly because our competitors crushed us – I was 28, and the only thing I had on my resume was “President of a Company”.

After being doubted, laughed at and ridiculed because nobody believed me, I started looking for options. Enter: Ebay. Who knew people loved to buy toys this much? As a toy collector myself, I was excited.

Ebay quickly became a good way to earn an extra income, but I didn’t consider making it a business. Not yet, anyway! When someone finally hired me, it was a collections company. The skill that helped me the most? Listening. When you’re able to filter through the noise and hear the right things, you manage to find the real problem. My success at my first job was far from satisfying, though.

Have you ever had a comfortable life, but something kept telling you it was not enough?

Nice to meet you, my name is Fernando and I can’t stay still. Long story short – I got out, got offered a PhD, said “no” and finally found a job that could keep me challenged. The petroleum industry is nothing if not dynamic – and negotiations had been a passion of mine for years. I quickly became the best contract negotiator in the company, bringing in billions of annual purchases in my portfolio… and yet, I had the lowest salary.

Why? Not important. What is important though, is that I left, found a couple of other 6-figure jobs and only lasted 48 hours at one of them before I got fired. That’s right, the award for the worst employee ever goes to me – because I told my boss that she did a sloppy job with the contracts she worked on (she really did). That’s when I learned 2 very important things.

1. Honesty is something few people in the world are capable of, and truly value.
2. I’m damn good a listening, but not so good at keeping my mouth shut.

It was only fitting that I finally started doing what I should have chosen all along – running my own business. I never thought I’d be doing e-commerce, but it turns out I was great at it.

It got to the point where Amazon started sending me personal invitations to join new e-commerce platforms they were launching. I realized I wanted to have a community around me – to teach others how to succeed.

Making money is great, but there’s nothing better than seeing other people’s successes.

I quickly started a Facebook group with someone else in the industry, grew it to 3000 people in 48 hours and then launched my first course.

“But, Fernando, how did you even know to do any of this?”

I listened to the industry. I listened to what people wanted – and I gave it to them.

Big influencers like J.P Sears quickly started noticing and collaborating with me – and that’s exactly when I had my biggest setback. See, when you grow this fast, you piss a lot of people off.

People who used to have your back when you were just starting out, suddenly turn on you – or completely ignore you. I felt desperate for a while – and I even started doubting myself. If all these people went from supportive to dismissive, was I the problem?

When I finally realized that no, I wasn’t… I decided that if the relationships I’d built could be destroyed this fast… they weren’t worth it to begin with. I started fresh, opened a new Facebook group, and soon enough I’d replicated my previous success without anybody’s help. That’s when Amazon invited me to Vegas to check out their facility and see how they printed their shirts.

Guess what? IT’s incredibly hard to get this personal attention from a company like Amazon. Suddenly, I was an insider… and that’s when my business really exploded. I never followed the rules, never went with the herd, never succumbed to what others thought I should do. Even when I thought I should be more “professional”, I listened to my audience – and they pretty much told me “fuck that”.

Who would have thought people liked me just as I was - bold, confident, sassy and lacking the ability to shut up?

I thought I was a great listener before I got into e-commerce and built my own brand…. the truth is, I wasn’t half the person I am today. This industry taught me how to be open-minded, authentic, and polarizing enough to get the attention of those I want to help.

If you’re reading this and you’re not sure you have what it takes to run a wildly successful e-commerce business – let me tell you this.

If the person who's never designed a single thing in his life can sell thousands of products with his own designs - you can do anything you want.

When you decide what that is – I’ll be right here, eager to help.
(I don’t just work with everyone though… so make sure you apply)